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why work with genesis?

Thanks for your interest in Genesis. We stand by the motto that “The Transformation Begins Here!” We are honored that you have chosen us! We do not believe in cookie-cutter weight loss, nutrition, or fitness plans. Every aspect of this program is tailored to your specific needs. We are real people wanting to give you the real results that you need! We are sincerely passionate about what we do and truly care about our patients. We don't try to cram everyone into the same old tired diet plan! Everyone knows that never works. We use a four-pillar approach to get lasting results that you can be proud of. We understand that you have goals in mind and can't wait to hear all about them. We are licensed medical professionals, certified in weight loss with real tools to help you get where you want to be. It's not easy, but we are here to support you every step of the way! We also understand that times are tough, and do everything we can to make Genesis the most affordable, beneficial program possible to get you where you need to be!
Kevin Edward McKinney, CRNP
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Our Mission

The mission at Genesis Medical Weight Loss is actually quite simple.  We aim to make America healthy again, one person at a time.  Solid relationships with our customers, always being honest, and giving the customer the best possible value for their money. We aim to please!

How can you help?

Genesis believes firmly in the four-pillar approach to weight loss.  Nutrition, Fitness, Behavior Modification and Pharmaceuticals. 


Meal planning, nutritional science research, shopping lists, complete assessment of macro and micronutrients. All available on the Genesis App


While they say that you can't "outexercise" a bad diet that doesn't mean that exercise is not important. Exercise has many benefits that will help fine tune your muscles and cardiovascular system.

Behavior Modification

Intensive behavioral therapy can help you lose weight and keep it off. It can also help you change your eating and exercise habits. Without a doubt this is a huge part of the process.


While not a cure, medications are certainly useful as part of a comprehensive plan. The medical providers at Genesis utilize a multitude of medications tailored to each individual. These medications include: Phentermine/Topiramate; Bupropion/Naltrexone; Sermorelin and others. Additionally, there are many adjunct medications that are useful in targeting specific goals.


What Our Clients Say

From those we serve

Stacy Smith Administrative Professional

If you’re thinking about doing it, do it! One of the best decisions I’ve made. The team at Genesis makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. You feel at ease, like family, from day one. You can tell they care as they listen to your wants and needs and factor those in as they provide you with your best course of action! In just 6 short months, I’m a walking testament that Genesis knows what they are doing! I feel amazing, my health has drastically improved and I am beyond grateful for what Genesis has done for me! This team will set you up for lifetime success because they take the time to individualize each plan, keep up to date on health education/benefits and go above and beyond to make sure that healthy options are readily available to all their patients! You will gradually realize that this is no longer a “diet” or a “temporary” plan, it will become a lifestyle. That is how you know you will have lifetime success and Genesis was able to give that to me!

Patricia Keller, RN Nurse Administrator

Working in healthcare I have seen good and bad. These guys really go the extra mile to get you where you need to go.

Brittany Alderson Bank Teller

Was never a huge fan of taking medications. Genesis medical team educated me about the medications that I am on, modified my diet and exercise routine as well. Some of the medications I used to take were causing me to gain weight. They are quick to work with your primary care provider. I will go to noone else!